Using Sample Letters and Forms

PIC on Special Education has developed these templates to help parents and other write letters to the IEP Team and document conversations in the special education process.  You should customize the letter to fit your child’s specific situation.  Educational Specialists are available to talk with you over the phone to help you understand when and how to use these letters.

A note about email.  PIC on Special Education’s favorite phrase is “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen!”.  Email is a quick and easy way to get things in writing.  However, we all get a lot of emails each day.  We encourage families to think about when email is best (such as quick communications or clarifications on homework assignments) and when sending a letter via mail is more appropriate.  If sending a letter via email (even if it is as an attachment) families may wish to consider adding the line “please place a copy of this email and all attachments in my child’s educational records” to both the email and letter.