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In 2019, PIC and NHFV became a partner on NH’s Preschool Development Grant to ensure that the voices, experiences, and needs of families were at the center of an effort to inform and improve services and support for New Hampshire’s young children and their families.

Our approach is guided by the belief that the only way to design solutions for people, is to put the people we are designing for at the center of the work.  For systems and organizations that serve families and children to remain responsive and accessible, their work must be informed by the very people they serve.

Family voice and leadership played a vital role in all aspects of the NH Preschool Development Grant (PDG). PIC and NHFV worked collaboratively with the University of New Hampshire, state leaders, and early childhood care and education programs across the state to elevate the voices of families and inform the needs assessment and strategic plan.

Our organizations also worked with early childhood coalitions, providing them with training, resources, and support needed to engage families in meaningful ways that;

  • Strengthened and expanded the Early Childhood capacity of each community.
  • Created opportunities for families to have a voice and for those voices to be heard and validated by the professionals working with them.
  • Laid the foundation to improve Early Childhood Care and Education systems across the state.

Very different communities that have a lot in common when it comes to their vision for meaningful family engagement

We invite you to explore each community story below and see how three very different Granite State communities are partnering with families to inform their work, improve outcomes for their youngest citizens, and make family engagement truly meaningful.

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