Parental Rights

Here is a brief summary of your rights and responsibilities in the special education process.  More information about the process and your rights can be found under each step of the special education process below.

• Invite others to any IEP meeting
• Participate in all IEP Team meetings
• Request an IEP meeting and have that meeting within 21 days of the request
• Give or withhold written consent
• Access your child’s educational records
• Be notified about important decision regarding your child’s education (Written Prior Notice)
• 10 days advance written notice of IEP meetings
• Request access to information 5 days prior to an IEP meeting
• Receive information in a way that is understandable
• Be provided with an interpreter or translator, if needed
• File a complaint, request mediation, request a facilitated IEP meeting, request a neutralv conference or request a due process hearing

The Steps of the Special Education Process

The NH special education process consists of several steps. Below is the list of steps, each with a link to additional information.