What is a Multi-disciplinary Evaluation

At the intake visit, the Intake Coordinator will ask for your written consent to evaluate your child. No evaluations can be done without you first giving written permission. A team of providers from at least two different fields (for example; an occupational therapist and a speech therapist) conducts the multi-disciplinary evaluation for eligibility for FCESS. The evaluation team will use one of two approved evaluation tools (Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP) or Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA)) to assess all areas of your child’s development, to identify strengths and weaknesses and gain a total picture of your child’s development. The evaluation will include an assessment of the following areas:

1. Physical Development
2. Cognitive Development
3. Communication Development
4. Social or Emotional Development
5. Adaptive Development

Even if you do not have any concerns about all of the areas of your child’s development, the evaluation will assess each of the 5 developmental areas. It is important to capture your child’s strengths as strength in one area can help in another area. Make sure to ask the Intake Coordinator if you have further questions about the evaluation process or developmental areas. The evaluation usually takes 1-2 hours to complete and review the results. In most cases, the day the evaluation is completed, you will learn whether or not your child is eligible for FCESS.

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