Bringing Families on Board

A roadmap designed for those who want to bring families on to their individual councils and committees to collaborate and inform their practice and service delivery, this general roadmap outlines what to consider when making families powerful partners in our work.

families on board

Bring families on board

Why this work is necessary and beneficial in so many ways for both families and professionals.

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Build mindset & culture

Mindset makes the difference when it comes to moving from check-the-box family engagement to meaningful and impactful family engagement.

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Establish vision & goals

Having a clear sense of purpose and specific goals aligned with that purpose will keep everyone on track and leave room for the unexpected.

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Clearly define roles & expectations

Manage expectations, leverage each person’s strengths, and maximize the capacity of the team.

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diverse team

Select diverse team members

Multiple perspectives will build broader solutions, provide access to more networks, and increase the collective thinking of the entire group.

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Provide necessary supports

Supports to consider providing to ensure families and professionals have what they need to collaborate effectively.

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